My Look Luck

Our Story

It all started with a casual conversation between mother and daughters, and a common dream.

After 5 years living in Spain, we noted a difficulty in finding lencerías quality with an affordable price, of different sizes, and that they were of a style that is more sexy. Knowing this need, we talk with our friends and we realized that all we had the same problem. By sensing the absence of a trademark with these characteristics, we decided to create one, and so, My look luck was founded in February 2021. 

We started selling lencerías online, on Instagram and Facebook. We had wanted to get away with that business but it is not believed that it would be so fast. With the support of our family and a lot of work, in 5 months since we started, we have been able to open our first physical store, and we couldn't be more happy. 

My look luck on the principle that feeling good should not be expensive, nor difficult. All bodies are beautiful, all the people are nice, and there is no age or size to feel sexy and beautiful. What's more, we are glad to see the happiness and satisfaction of our clients with the work we do, since we can do with that one recovers the self-esteem and feel back to confidence is something really incredible.  

For us, My look luck is not just a company, it is a dream. We work to make a difference in the lives of the people, we seek to improve our brand every day, and we're here to learn from our customers and evolve with them.


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