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Bikinis and Swimsuits

The bikini sexy it is the swimwear essential for many women by the time they reach the summer, but the use of this type of swimsuit was not always so well received. As it was in the year 1946 when their creator French Réard was given the name of bikini to this already popular swimsuit.

By the time were not very well received by the society, even by some women who were not in agreement with the use of this type of swimwear. But with the passing of the years were more women who were adding to the freedom of being able to use the floodlights that would even controversial bikinis sexy.

Now this is a bathing suit highly recognized and used worldwide, so you can find a great variety of models in bikinis which are adapted to the body of the woman.

What are the best bikinis sexy?

To be able to identify the best bikini sexys you have to take into account some factors, such as design. The ideal thing is that this suits very well to the shape of your body, something that is not so complicated because now there are a great variety of models.

The bikinis sexy woman ideals are those that seem to be your second skin, which means that the material with which it is made gives you a support nice to your skin. So while thinner design, greater support will be given to your body.

The bikini sexy it should match with your skin, so you have to take into account that if you're a woman, very light skin you have to avoid them in clear colours, if you are one of those who tan easily, you can opt for colors turquoise or pink.

For women skin more golden shades of yellow and brown are the bikini ideal. If you have brown skin, light colors and white do the best contrast.

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