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The body for women it is a piece that, in principle, was used as underwear and is designed to cover the area of the trunk, and the shutdown will find in the crotch. With the passage of time this has experienced large variations, such as with long and short sleeves, patterned, plain, cotton, with lace and many more.

This ability of versatility is the fact that the body is a garment that does not go out of fashion and that is something more than underwear, as the body can be combined with other clothes for a sophisticated look, since it enhances the female figure.

What are the best Bodys sexy woman?

To know what are the bodysuits sexy women you have to take into account the design and the materials with which it has been manufactured. Although it is clear that the body is a garment that emphasises the female figure and, therefore, offers a touch of sexy to the woman who wears it.

However, when it comes to a body that you want to highlight your body, you have to select those that are of the type lingerie. For what they are designed with lace up much more eye-catching, with a fabric softer, but at the same time eye-catching.

In addition, the designs of bodysuits sexy for women to take account of fabrics and transparencies, which have different textures, generate support, and even the opening of this is most striking.

So the best body sexy woman is the one who according to the morphology of the women achieved highlight the attributes of your body.

What are the benefits of using a body sexy for women?

The bodys for women, as we have said, it is a garment that has been maintained over the years as a part-used. Below, we give you some of the advantages that gives you the use bodys beautiful woman:

  1. A garment that does not go out of fashion. The new models of bodys of woman for dress have become a garment that has a presence in different times thanks to the variety of models that have been developed and give you versatility of use.
  2. Will not let you go unnoticed. Since it is a garment that emphasises the feminine traits, they give you a touch more sexy and sensual, so that everyone around you will notice your presence.
  3. Stylized figure. The body is used by many women to hide a little belly, and get a figure more curvy. It is a great ally if you combinaras with garments that are going to be more attached to the body.
  4. It is a garment comfortable. Unlike many think the body to dress woman it is a garment extremely comfortable. In the past, this was left behind because it was uncomfortable to go to the bathroom, but the new designs take into account this situation and facilitate. 
  5. It is a versatile garment. The last, but not least of the advantages of a body sexy womanis that it is a garment that can be combined with a skirt, pants high waist, a mini skirt, pair it with jeans and even with a few shorts.

These are just a few of the benefits of the use bodys for women in your day-to-day.

What difference have the body power body sexy?

Bodys currents and the body of sexy woman to have some differences, one of them is the design of the same. Bodys currents are often designed so you can use them in different combinations of clothing. While a body sexy woman usually designed to be used in the intimacy.

The materials which are usually elaborate bodys sexy for women they tend to be very similar to those used for the manufacture of lingerie. Usually wear lace and transparencies, as well as colors that make it stand out more on the attributes of the woman who wears it.

The use of materials like silk as a body for women with lace, as well as the use of latex and elastic, can influence the price of the body. This also marks a great difference between the price of a body to something a bit more traditional than a few bodys sexy woman

What should I keep in mind when buying bodys sexy woman?

If you have decided and you want to buy bodys sexy womanthen, we give you some tips that can be very useful at the time of making your purchase.

  1. It is important that you have clear measures and size, so that the body is comfortable for you, and do not press more than your body.
  2. If this is the first time you decide to use bodys sexy for womentherefore opt for the options with stretch fabrics. Since these are better suited to different sizes, avoiding a catastrophic mistake when making the purchase.
  3. It is important that you verify that the construction materials body sexy you've selected are of good quality. If you do not take this into account, it can generate chafing and uncomfortable.
  4. Selecting the right colors is very important, if you're looking for something classic, you can choose the color red or the black. You can also opt for colours like fuchsia or white. It is important also that you take into account the tone of your skin, and select the one that enhances your skin.
  5. If you are looking for an evening more sensual, you can opt for designs with embroidery, with transparency and even garters. These are bodys sexy woman they are very helpful to live the best fantasies with your partner.

Where can I buy bodys for women? 

If you do not know where you can buy some bodys for women, shop My look Luck is one of the best options for you. In their catalog they have a wide variety of models bodys sexy woman, so that in him you can find the model that you are looking for. 

 From the model, Angelina with elaborate lace and some sexy transparencies, as well as the model brightness, which is one of the bodys transparent for woman, which covers a large part of the body, but at the same time make you look more sensual.

In addition, not only does it offer a variety of models, but also prices are quite affordable and offer bodys for all sizes. 

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  • BODY GLAMOUR 19.99 con IVA

    Glamor Bodysuit: Velvet bodysuit with non-removable padding. It is one size fits all and asymmetrical, one side has an adjustable strap and the other has a wide strap. Metallic shine detail on two glasses. 95% polyester, 5% elastane.

  • BODY ALICE 15.99 con IVA

    80% poliamida, 20% elastano. Este body de encaje es una prenda de lencería seductora y elegante. El sujetador cuenta con relleno y aros para realzar el escote, y en el centro del pecho, encontrarás un delicado lazo que agrega un toque coqueto. La parte inferior del body es de estilo brasileño, lo que realza la figura y aporta un toque sensual. Este body es perfecto para resaltar tu feminidad en ocasiones especiales o para añadir un toque de elegancia a tus momentos íntimos. A parte, al no tener la zona del seno transparente, se puede utilizar para montar outfits ya que ahora está súper de moda mezclar lencería con ropas normales para tener outfits sensuales.

    Se recomienda el lavado a mano, en agua tibia y con jabón neutro.


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  • BODY BOXIN 15.00
  • BODY CLARA 18.00 con IVA

    body de poliamida 95% y spandex 5%! Este elegante body sexy cuenta con un lazo en la altura del pecho que añade un toque coqueto y tapa los pezones, despertando la curiosidad. Además, la zona íntima está abierta y adornada con un lazo justo arriba para una dosis extra de sensualidad, tambien esta entero decorado con dibujos de flores


    Out of stock

  • BODY CORAZÓN 25.00

    HEART: Body with rod/ring at the breast and strips adjustable. The neckline is heart-shaped. Lace details. Made in Brazil. 90% polyamide, 10% elastane.

    9 in stock

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    WhatsApp Image 2022 03 05 at 16.27.03 thumbnail 2000x2000 80
    BODY DESIRE 16.99
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    11102023155623.elegance thumbnail 2000x2000 80.jpeg
    BODY ELEGANCE 9.99 con IVA
  • BODY LUXE 19.99 con IVA

    80% poliamida, 20% elastano. Este body de encaje es una pieza de lencería elegante y sensual. El sujetador lleva relleno y tiene tiras ajustables con un toque de brilli-brilli, un pequeño colgante y un lazo en el centro del pecho. La parte posterior es tipo tanga y también incluye un liguero removible para combinar con medias y completar el outfit de forma seductora.

    Se recomienda el lavado a mano, en agua tibia y con jabón neutro

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    WhatsApp Image 2022 03 05 at 16.22.21 1 thumbnail 2000x2000 80.jpeg
    BODY PAMELA 16.99
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    WhatsApp Image 2022 03 05 at 16.36.23 2 thumbnail 2000x2000 80
    BODY SABRINA 16.99
  • BODY VERONICA 16.50 con IVA

    92 % poliamida, 10% spandex. Este body es una pieza de lencería encantadora y sensual. El sujetador incorpora relleno y aros para realzar el escote y brindar soporte adicional, mientras que está decorado con encaje y tul, lo que añade un toque de elegancia y sensualidad. La parte inferior del body es de estilo brasileño, realzando las curvas y añadiendo un toque provocativo. La combinación de encaje y tul en todo el diseño agrega un toque de sofisticación, haciendo que esta prenda sea perfecta para ocasiones especiales o para sentirte sensual en cualquier momento.

    Se recomienda el lavado a mano, en agua tibia y con jabón neutro

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    WhatsApp Image 2022 03 20 at 17.55.53 1 thumbnail 2000x2000 80
    BODY YALISH 4.99

    90% polyamide 10% elastane. Body lace with short sleeves and neckline on the back, transparent fabric with very nice details, lace. Has padding removable.
    Size small.

  • BODY GLITTER 12.00

    88% polyamide, 12% elastane. Body grid trend with a lot of brightness. Can be used in different ways and as much as lingerie to go out. Spectacular.

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