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The use of the girdles for women dating from the year 2700 and 1100 BC, where they were known as a Corset or Brace for the Greek of Crete and Mycenae. In other areas of the world were already disclosed to the SIXTEENTH century. But from the beginning these were not a garment that is as comfortable as that they were made with metal parts, so they were very rigid and very difficult to use. However, with these we were searching for a purpose similar to that of now, which was to help give a more stylish women.

Nowadays, you can find a wide variety of shapewear woman designed to smooth and define a little more the curves of the woman. Some models are designed for compression of the torso, while others seek to highlight areas such as the buttocks and bust. 

There are also sexy girdles shaping the figure and which are designed for times much more intimate. These are generally the designs are more elaborate, with bold colors and designs of lace.

What are the best girdles for women?

As we have indicated in the market you can find a lot of shapewear woman, which are designed to provide benefits depending on the type of belt that you select. Then, we'll leave you some models that are considered the best:

  • The moulding of waist and abdomen. This girdle for women in most cases, it is designed to define the waist, so you end up creating the silhouette of an hourglass shape that is considered by to be sexy. Usually, these can be worn under clothing without being noticed.
  • The shaping glutes and hips. Some models tend to come up to the torso, so that completely cover the hips. Are designed to help shape the lower area of the abdomen making soften the belly area. With this type of belt also aims to give a better shape to the buttocks. These can also be used under clothes, without that they can be noticed. 
  • Girdles without seams. Are designed to provide support to the body of the woman, but these do not reveal seams or lines on the clothes. It is the ideal design for snug-fitting clothing, dresses, or jeans that will make you to see a lot more sexy in a special occasion.
  • The bodysuit. This is a band that have been designed to offer firm control and at the same time give a boost to the bust. This type of corsets, sexy usually can be worn strapless or with straps. And help to improve even more the figure, as it helps to shape the tummy, hips and buttocks. As it is a model that comes to the bust, usually have foam cups built and are often made of fabric or material that allows the clothes to slide with ease.
  • Girdles sports. Are those that are designed to generate compression in different areas of your body, allowing you to perform the athletic activity without any problem. You have to take into account that some are designed to be able to lift weight at the time of training, not only to shape your figure.
  • Colombianas postpartum. During pregnancy a woman's body undergoes major changes, after giving birth or going through the process of caesarean section on the body seeks to return to the way it was before. It was at this time that the girdles postpartum come as a great tool to help your body return to its original shape.
  • The postsurgical. These are often recommended by the experts because they can contribute to the process of recovery after an intervention. In general, tend to be recommended after a liposuction on the arms, abdomen and legs. This type of girdles usually have a bra that is very useful for recovery after breast surgery.

What difference have the bands currents of the sash sexy?

Although the sexy girdles and the currents often have the goal of compressing parts of the body to give a silhouette or support, these, if they show some differences:

The sexy girdles they tend to be designed to make more of the waistband and part of the torso, while the sashes traditional tend to be designed to compress the back, the torso and the thighs.

The girdles for women they tend to be designed with different levels of compression depending on the use we want to give. While considered girdles sexy are used to decrease measures at the time.

The bands traditional tend to contribute to improving the posture, so we tend to be more comfortable to wear them on a daily basis. While the sash sexy is typically used for a special occasion and it is not usually convenient to take with you all day.

Another of the most marked differences is that there are some models of girdles traditional that are used as a treatment for postoperative or postpartum. As well as there are some designs that also help you to perform sports activities in which you must lift weight at the time of training.

Where to buy belt sexy in Barcelona? (My look Luck)

So you can buy a strip sexy in Barcelona easily, you can go to the web page of the shop My look Luck. In this you can find some models sexy girdles you can buy by making use of the private section of customers.

 Also, on this page you can find methods of contact with the customer, such as e-mail, the phone number of the store and a chat on WhatsApp with which you can communicate with the shop and get all your concerns. 

If you don't want to make your online shopping, you can go to the shop in the opening hours of Monday to Saturday from 10:00 h to 20:30 h. Which is located in Carrer del Regent Mendieta, 4, 08028 Barcelona – Spain. In which they are prepared to offer you a great variety of bands that are best suited to the shape and size of your body.

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