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Sleep wear for Women

The sleepwear woman it has its origin in the Persian, who for the NINETEENTH century with its vivid colors and clothing caused a furor in the garments of use for sleeping. In the TWENTIETH century is that the sleepwear is diversified in batines, clothing, clothes, towel, fabrics and much more lightweight and easy to wash.

Currently there is a great variety of models sleep wear women that adapt to the tastes, the situation and even the seasons like the summer or the winter. 

What is the best clothing sexy women to sleep?

The best clothes sexy women to sleep it is the one that makes you feel comfortable, safe and at the same time makes you feel much more sexy in the eyes of your partner. Among the sleep wear for woman many have been considered as the best are:

Baby doll

It is a garment designed to encourage the female figure, this type of sleepwear woman you can find several models, some longer than others, but which are ideal in hot periods. Usually it is manufactured with fabrics are more transparent, and lace or silk. They also usually have some kind of decoration such as: ribbons, lace, bows and a few other details. These are garments that are designed for intimate moments and usually are made in white, red, or black.


This is a garment that makes the bra a lot more flirty, but at the same time gives you a night more comfortable. It is a design that is usually longer than the bra to traditional, this to give a touch more feminine your figure. Today you can include as sleepwear for woman sensualbecause they are manufactured with lace, dark colors and with which you can surprise your partner.

The thongs

The use of the thongs as sleep wear women it is a good option to combine with a piece like the bralette. This is a garment of which there are a great variety of colors, designs, texture and, therefore, is easily adapted to different occasions, you can use it in an intimate moment, or simply because you want to feel more sexy when sleeping. Among the models most sexy are those who wear lace, bows, and details the subtle, but eye-catching.

The body

The use of the body black sleep may be an option, it is a piece that not only contributes to the correct figure, but with hoops, lace and other elements that highlight your figure. So it is a garment that is definitely going to surprise your partner.

Pyjama top with strapless and shorts

This set is considered clothes sexy women to sleep, which tends to be much fabric cooler, soft and elastic. But besides that adheres more to the female figure and, therefore, manages to highlight the attributes of the female body. 

Usually, the top will typically have adjustable shoulder straps, decorations, under the breasts, and thus mark even more the silhouette, but they also tend to have an opening that lets you see the abdomen. In the case of the shorts tend to have similar details to the top. But they tend to be quite comfortable, but at the same time sexy and fresh. 

These are some of the models of clothes, sexy women to sleep that you can use in moments that you want to spend a single night with your partner.

What is the difference between the clothing of sleep current sleep wear sexy?

The sleep wear woman, traditional and sexy has a number of differences, and that they tend to be quite prominent. Then, we'll leave you with some of the most prominent:

  1. The sleepwear woman traditional is usually not so close to the body, are wider. In the case of the clothes, sexy women sleeping seeks to highlight the female figure, so they are more attached to the body. 
  2. The sleepwear sexy woman is shorter or is in two pieces, which are more exposed areas of your body such as the belly or highlights the bust. While the traditional tend to be more long for winter and something short and cool in the winter.
  3. The manufacturing materials are another of the most marked differences of these garments, in the case of the traditional are usually made with cotton, flannel or soft fabric. While sexy is manufactured in silk, lace, transparencies, or satin. 
  4. Sleepwear current can be used in any occasion and even if you're traveling, but the sleepwear sexy woman is often designed for occasions in the intimacy with the partner.

These are just some of the most marked differences that can be noticed between the sleepwear woman and the clothing sexi woman sleeping.

Where to buy sleep wear sexy in Barcelona?

To buy sleep wear sexy in Barcelona, you just have to go to the Carrer of the Regent Mendieta, 4, 08028 Barcelona – Spain, from Monday to Saturday in office hours from 10:00 h to 20:30 h. In it you'll find the shop My look Luck in which you can find a great variety of garments, sexy sleep that easily adapt to your body.

Now, if you want to make a purchase online, you can visit the website of the store in which you can see the catalog of all the clothes available. But, in addition, they have a section of customers at which you can process all your requests in a personalized way, even your purchases.

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