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The bra sexy it has its origins in the fasteners in common, which is information that has already in ancient times, in Rome and Greece, women used some bands to hold your breasts. To the end of the NINETEENTH Century already appear what we can say the first garments attaching to the chest very similar to what is known today as bras.

It was already in 1914 when Mary Phel an american woman, was able to patent the first fastener, is with a few scarves and ribbons, he improvises a garment that you put into the chest, without which peeped the neckline of her dresses. With the passing of the years, the garment has been undergoing modifications and adaptations, which has given rise to the emergence of different models, including the fasteners sexy.

What are the best bras sexy?

The best fasteners sexy are those that not only make you look and feel much more sexy, but also allow you to keep comfort at the time of use.

With regard to the selection of sexy bras, you must take into account some features, such as type of fabric with which they are manufactured. The ideal thing is that it does not develop any allergies to them. It is also advisable to check to see what time it is advisable to use it, either in winter or summer.

The best bra sexi it is the one that holds your breasts in a comfortable way, but also allows you to bring out even more of these attributes that nature has given you. 

What difference have the fasteners currents bra sexy?

The fasteners sexy and fasteners currents have some differences quite marked. Then, we talk about some of them:

  • A bra sexi tends to have a lined lighter and may even not wearing a lined. 
  • Usually, a sexy bra usually does not lead or rings, as well as they don't come with a fill significant. In the case of a fastener normal tend to use moulded cups and underwires that provide greater comfort.
  • For the lower band typically use elastic or lace, plus most of the lift comes from the straps and not the band. Fasteners traditional, the band adjustable is essential.
  • Fasteners sexi are usually designed so that they can be worn on a special occasion. So that they can have ribbons, lace, fabrics or maya more transparent.
  • The manufacturing materials are usually silk, lace, nets and slides, but of good quality to prevent scratches and abuse in an area as sensitive. Fasteners conventional tend to use materials that cover the breasts and at the same time give you a support pleasant to the skin in the area.
  • Fasteners traditional tend to have more padding, as this contributes to dampen the rim of the bra.

This are the differences that are usually present between the fasteners sexy and fasteners traditional. Taking into account that the fasteners sexy in general are intended to be used in special occasions and fasteners traditional are designed to offer increased comfort in daily activities.

Where to buy a bra and sexy in Barcelona? (My look Luck)

If you want to buy bras very sexy in Barcelona, My look Luck is your best option, since in this store you can find a great variety of models that suit you.

In its catalog you can find models like my look luck 2 and 4, the design lavender, Daian, as well as the version Lilac and Sweet for situations that are more intimate. There are also versions in red passion as the bra Taina, or the black lace, the design, Flora or Juno in black version.

The advantages of buying My look luck is that you can do it through your website, since they have a private session of customers in which you can manage all your purchases. In addition, they have a chat so you can communicate with your care team through WhatsApp. 

You can also contact them through the contact number you have on your web page or through the e-mail that are destined for the customer.

Now if you are one of those clients who like to go to the store to check the model and if you think it is appropriate for you, you just have to get closer to your physical store is located in Carrer del Regent Mendieta, 4, 08028 Barcelona, Spain.

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