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The tops are a garment for women that tends to cover the upper part of the body, but are tight and short. Thanks to that you are a garment is very versatile can be worn with straps or without them. The origin of this garment female has its origin in the 50's, but its heyday was between the years 60 and 70. 

Nowadays it is very common to find sexy tops, which is very similar to the top traditional, but it has been given features that enhance more the sensuality of the woman. There are also a variety of different models for every occasion and season of the year, although they generally tend to be very used in the summertime.

What are the best tops for women?

To identify which ones are the best tops sexy for women you should take into account the occasion to use it. It is worth noting that for most tops are a garment female pretty sexy.

If you are one of the women who like to practice sports without wearing so much clothing on top that you can subtract mobility, you can opt for a top sport. These are often designed with materials that seek to protect the breasts from irritation and chafing while you exercise, usually these are usually fabricated in cotton.

A few of the considered tops sexy and most striking are those who do not wear shoulder straps, seams, and even rings. This type of top sexy tends to be quite comfortable, since it does not leave marks on your skin, so that the abuse is at a minimum. 

So the best tops are those that are made of materials that do not mistreat your skin, as well as that they are able to make you feel comfortable during all the time that you are using.

What difference have the tops currents of the top sexy?

The top is a garment that currently has a large variety of designs, depending on the even of the activity that you want to make. So one of the main differences between the tops of the normal and a top sexy it is the material with which it is manufactured.

The top sexy usually tends to be made in eye-catching colors, fabrics of silk or lace , as this is looking to give a touch more luxurious to the woman wearing it. 

While the top sports for example, although there is no longer a garment short, your main objective is to provide comfort while carrying out a physical activity.

Tops traditional tend to be sold in almost any store of women's clothing, while the top sexy woman usually achieved to a greater variety of stores that offer lingerie for women.

The top sexy lace or silk is often used on special occasions, in which it aims to provoke a greater attraction to the partner. Even wearing a sexy tops can make a woman feel more sexy and desired.

Where to buy tank top, sexy in Barcelona? (My look Luck)

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